2018 RONE Awards Week Four

  • Paranormal: Long (4 finalists)
    Contemporary: Cops, Jocks and Cowboys (4 finalists)
    New Adult (4 finalists)

Voting Period: May 7 - 13, 2018.

Paranormal: Long (4 finalists)

Tangible Spirits - Becki Willis
To Catch a Spirit - Carrie Pulkinen
Spirits of the Heart - Claire Gem
Waking the Dead - D.B. Sieders
The Demigod's Legacy - Holley Trent
Rule Breakers, Soul Takers - Jacqueline Jayne
Wolf Enforcer - Jessica Aspen
The White Lily - Juliette Cross
End of the Road - Karen Michelle Nutt
Naomi - Mya O'Malley
Saving Jace - Rebecca Rivard
Dark Lord of the Night - S.K Ryder
Violet Abyss - Suzanne M. Sabol

Contemporary: Cops, Jocks and Cowboys (4 finalists)

Face Off: Emile - Alicia Hunter Pace
Too Tempting - Bethany Lopez
Someone Like You - Brittney Sahin
Start Your Engines - Jim Cangany
Caught Looking - Jody Holford
The Wrong Kind of Compatible - Kadie Scott
Redemption - Kelly Moran
Under the Stars - Kendra Delugar
Betting on Paradise - Lizbeth Selvig
Wounded Love - Marianne Rice
One Last Risk - Nancy Stopper
Securing Kiera's Love - PJ Fiala

New Adult  (4 finalists)

Peris Night Terakon: Secret Language - Eva Maria Klima
Like a Girl - Holly S. Roberts
Running Hot - J. L. Sheppard
Fighting Pride - Jennifer Miller
Standing Up - Kate Forest
Strawberry Kisses - Marianne Rice
Last Exit to Montauk - Phillp Vega
Dear Maggie - Rachael Brownell
Y'Keta - Sandra Hurst
Wrecked - Shewanda Pugh
The Thing with Margot - Timothy Best