Reviews - Contemporary

Working as a holiday rep certainly has its perks, but as Jess nears her days off when she’ll be the chief bridesmaid at her spoiled cousin’s wedding, she fears that maybe she should rethink her career choice. She's not quite ready to settle down with a boyfriend, yet she's getting closer to settling down, at least in one country and with one job.

Dean Strickland is a music major at the University of North Texas College of Music. Despite everything that happens to him, Dean is determined to make it as a Rock and Roll musician. He falls in love, ends up in court and is diagnosed by a psychology major in their first year.

Bryn Hale suffers from very low self-esteem and has sworn off relationships and marriage.  Her husband left her because she was unable to have children, and her family took her ex-husband’s side. Sean Carson wants someone to love; he's been separated for six months and wants nothing more than to find someone he can love who will love him back.

Chasing Hope

Justin and Maddie Harper are married and trying for a second child. Their son is five, and Maddie has been simply crazed with taking her temperature, changing their diets and making their schedules line up when she thinks her body is fertile, but to this point, still no baby. All the stress month after month and no positive tests are taking a toll.

Just for You

Meg Kahele suddenly finds herself a starving artist—her poor choice in men has left her in need of money, and fast. She breaks down and asks her best friend's brother-in-law for a job, even though the two are like oil and water. Hayden Morrison is very successful but incredibly disorganized. Both his professional and his personal lives need makeovers.