Reviews - Contemporary

On the Road to Love

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Blindsided by a divorce that comes out of the blue, Stacey Brown goes home to Florida for a vacation. Her mother sends her a picture of Stacey with her childhood friends, Olivia and Candace. Stacey sends them on to the other women and before long, they have planned a road trip together. The only catch? Olivia and Candace hate each other.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Lia Townsend has waited patiently for everything to go according to "The Plan." When she goes out with her husband for their fifth wedding anniversary, she expects tickets for the honeymoon they always wanted. Instead, he walks out without explanation and her perfect life is shattered.

Silver Star

Sara Silver is a country music superstar. She has fame, fortune, and a ton of awards, but ever since her mother died, a part of Sara has gone too. When her manager arranges to send her to a ranch to find her soul again, Sara heads to Wyoming to rediscover her roots and herself, and maybe write some songs with depth to them again.

Nicki Reading, star director of a major music label, confidently calls all the shots including who she dates and with no strings attached. However, loneliness flickers beneath the surface — her past has proven that love only leads to pain.  Caring and generous, prosperous CPA Dex Hanover wears his paternal yearnings on his sleeve, and he is ready for commitment.

Par for Cinderella

“Par for Cinderella” tells the story of billionaire Aidan Cross whose yacht happens to break down near Cypress Key, Florida, where he meets Casey and her Uncle Frank. The two of them own a struggling boat tour business and golf course, and if Aidan builds the golf resort he intends to build, Casey will have to close doors, without a doubt.