Reviews - Contemporary

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  On the eve of both the holidays and the sixth anniversary of a heartbreaking event, Regina is being kept quite busy with the special orders coming into her bakery. Though totally swamped, she can’t help but say yes when handsome Connor swoops in requesting an elaborate cake for a fundraiser he’s hosting.

Faith and Greg Mallory are living the perfect dream. They are childhood sweethearts, happily married and crazy in love. Christmas is upon them, and they are one month away from having twin sons. What could make it better? Depends on who you ask.

Tom, Becoming
Diane Stringam

Thomas Burroughs is a cold harsh businessman who doesn’t care for anyone but himself. When Thomas fires a young woman, it stays in his mind. Thomas is not used to anything bothering him, especially firing someone. Still, it makes Thomas realize how much people barely tolerate him, including his wife and sons, who leave him anyway.

Clinging to the Stars

Brendon Roth has big plans to leave his mundane life in Boston and travel in search of adventure. His plans come to an end when his mother is rushed to emergency, and he must stay to help with the family restaurant. He meets Olivia Price by chance and begins to feel like his luck may have changed for the better.

Just Right

Preparing to start over after losing her chair in the orchestra, Avery, a tuba player, is spending the holidays helping out friends in need. Gator takes a leave of absence as a forest ranger in order to return to his home town to help out his ailing mother during the holidays.