Reviews - Contemporary

Who wouldn’t want to spend a week in Corsica, all expenses paid? Maeve Doherty might not. She is a spunky Irish lass who works for a hotel chain and lives paycheck to paycheck. She has to, since she’s taking care of her younger brother, who has cancer.

Now that she has been granted guardianship of her little brother, Sage Presley has moved to Holiday, Oregon to look for a safe, stable place to raise him and help them both recover from their time in foster care.  Justin James is new in town and having purchased a business and home from the town’s former electrician, he’s settled and looking for love.  While working on a job at the local retire

When her parents decree she must marry to inherit the family business, Rusty Walker is furious. She has spent her entire life learning the business and working hard to earn her father’s respect. But her parents demand she find a husband who can help her run the business. William Hill lost his heart to Rusty the moment their lips met.

One Way Ticket
Melissa Baldwin,
Kate O’Keeffe

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Sabrina Monroe thinks she is ready to start her new life as Mrs. Blakely. But when the big day comes, all she can think about is escape. She finds herself climbing out of the bathroom window runaway bride style. Meanwhile, Addison Bloom is also leaving a wedding, albeit not her own.

Liam McKenna is heading to Ireland as an event planner for his friend Guy’s art center’s 100th anniversary celebration. Rose Finlay is new to Mist Na Mara Art Center as a lead cook. Still trying to prove her worth at this new job, she’s flustered when she may be passed over as able to cater the huge anniversary celebration.