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Size Matters!

All joking aside,

Writer’s block? Burn out? Self-sabotage? Relief is just a Tap away What is EFT?

Regency romances are a wonderful glimpse into English high society during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. There’s just something magical about the fancy balls, the ornate gowns and tuxedos, the elegant revelries, the abundant feasts, and the opulent lives of the lords and ladies written about in Regency romances.

I got my first taste of L-O-V-E in 1995. Grapes of Wrath stole my sixteen-year-old California-girl heart. I was like, “You go, depression-era workers!” In their honor, I turned my back on land-owning cheats, even ones still alive. It wasn’t hard. Growers were white and old and grumpy. Field workers—mostly Hispanic—had Maná and La Macarena on their side. I was down, ese’.

Have you ever been a fan of someone famous? I don’t mean a passive admirer. I mean a real fan. The kind of hardboiled fan who studies a particular celebrity’s work and devours the tidbits about that celebrity’s life with a sort of endless zeal that frankly is reserved for stalkers.