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Romance and the Cowboy Code

Snug blue jeans stack over the tops of dusty boots while a black Stetson, set at a rakish angle, tops his head. Muscles bunch and flex beneath the cotton of his shirt as he turns his hands to the labor before him. The fragrance of leather and horses blends with sunshine and virility, tantalizing the air around him with a unique, enticing scent.

It's a Branding Thing

When we hear the term “branding,” we usually think of a logo, maybe a tagline. Those are the most readily obvious external aspects, but branding is really about all the ways you present yourself to the world—your “total package”.  Some elements are more internal to you as an author (though they do affect those you interact with), while others are external-facing to your audiences.

InD'Scribe 2017 Pictorial Round-up!
InD'tale Magazine

From the opening day to the last farewell, have we got the pictures and stories for you!  There were workshops and panels, parties and costume balls.  And, to top it off, we even have all the low-down on the RONE awards and the gala after-party.  If fact, it was such fun, it was almost impossible to narrow down the pile of pictures!  We did manage to pack as many in as possible, though, so whet

Horror is Woman

There is a myth that Horror is a genre only men and boys read and write. I think this stems partially from an outdated idea that women cannot handle blood and violence. Talk to anyone who has given birth and I think there isn’t any question as to the level of blood and violence women can stand.

Writing accurate medical scenes can be a challenge. They’re not always easy to research, and Hollywood seems to make up their own rules about what’s realistic. Writers have a challenging time trying to tell truth from fiction when it comes to what really happens in the trauma bay. As a Fantasy author, I had this same puzzle, but luckily, I had help.