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Bringing The Page To Life
Barbara Gaskell

As an author who loves to create atmosphere in my books, it has always interested me to know when readers think there is too much description. That is a subject important to bothreaders and authors. Many readers proclaim their dislike of too much, and many authors find it difficult to discover the perfect balance. I love to include description in my historical and fantasy books.

The Punisher. Deadpool. Roland Deschain. Dexter Morgan. Severus Snape. Elric of Melnibone. John Wick. Michael Corleone. John McClane. Tyler Durden
Judging by the actions of these characters, they certainly can't be called "heroes". Dexter Morgan is a serial killer killer. The Punisher hunts and murders criminals. John Wick has the highest body count of any movie character.

Angry words and the stomp of visitor’s footsteps alerted everyone inside Soaring Cedars Provincial Park headquarters seconds before the door burst open.

DIY Writing Retreats

How to transform your home into a writing haven – at least for the weekend.

When I was in graduate school studying English Literature, the literary canon—books considered serious enough to be taught in college, and by extension, in high school—was changing. But only a little. The old joke about the canon was that it consisted of ten dead white guys and Emily Dickinson. A joke, true, but not too far off the mark. If you grew up in the U.S.