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You’ve finished reading one book and now it’s time to go on the hunt for the next. The author you just finished was great but it was the fifth contemporary romance in a row you’ve read so you decide to try, oh say, regency.

Many readers ask the question: Why would you forsake all else to write Regency romances? The reason: Because we love them!  Because they make us happy. Because they are our “go-to” reading when we want to relax and escape. And because readers love them.
Why “Regency?”

As a child I remember listening to Uncle John, Uncle Alex, and my Grandpa as they talked of their childhood and life “down east”. At that time I had no idea where this mythical place was, I just loved the stories. Rather than play with my sisters and cousin on a hot summer afternoon I preferred to sit under Uncle Alex’s chair and listen.

Since becoming a mother, I have discovered a new truism. Mothers worry. I actually heard it before giving birth to my oldest. What I didn’t understand was that among the usual concerns of keeping my brood happy and healthy, as a romance novelist, I would carry apprehension about things most mothers don’t.

Do you list people skills as an asset on your résumé?  Have
you ever been asked in a job interview to give an example of your interpersonal ability? Do you know if you’re a people person? Would you recognize one if you saw one?