Is True Love Ever Mistaken?


“What do you know about love? You’re just kids.”
“Finish school first. Love can wait.”
“You have your whole future...why marry now?”

Instead of congratulations on our engagement, these were the questions asked by friends and family when my husband and I announced our engagement thirty-six years ago. Granted, we’d met one month prior to declaring forever love and commitment to each other, so it wasn’t a total shock how many mouths dropped open and questions flew out.
So, why the lack of encouragement?
Did family and friends see us as dreamers, unprepared to face the realities of the world? Maybe we were latching onto the first person who came along? Were we flinging aside the value of income and a place to live and work just for the sake of love? Maybe all three by the standards of others. But, we were in love, and believed with our hearts that there was no other person meant for either of us to have.
There was no baby “on the way.” We also put aside differences in faiths, social and economic backgrounds, and education. Our families saw these as obstacles or barriers, or at the very least, as restrictions. We saw our upcoming marriage as a continuation of why we committed to each other in the first place: True love. Neither one of us will say that each day has proved itself a slice of paradise on this side of heaven, marriages conforming to the more practical side of things, the more cognitive as opposed to heartfelt, providing possibly firmer foundations in living and finances, always guarantee a perfect life, one without hardship?
When it comes to marriage, there really is no right or wrong about the perfect timing of union. It’s as strong or fragile as the people saying I Do. So, what’s with true love?

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