Fun With Animals as Characters


When I was a kid, I was horse crazy. Pictures of horses on my wall, charm bracelets with horses, little horse statues all over the dresser, a stick horse to gallop around the back yard, you name it, I had it. Although I never actually got a horse of my own, I still love them, so I write about them. And not only horses, but animals in general.
I love using animals as secondary characters in books. They can be our best friends. They’re non-judgmental and cute as all get out. They’re funny and silly and have no idea they’re such a source of laughter and entertainment for us. And don’t tell me they aren’t smart. I’ll bet you’re just like me—you have to spell words because your pets know exactly what you’re saying! W-a-l-k. T-r-e-a-t. (Mine learned how to spell that one so we had to start spelling c-o-o-k-i-e). The animals we know in real life can impact how we write books.

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