Reviews - Audiobooks

Storm of Arranon
R.E. Sheahan
Narrator: Erin Mallon

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY/SCI-FI:  Cadet Erynn Yager's life is upended when an invading alien society forces her to use the strange abilities she's kept hidden all her life and take refuge on a neighboring planet where she discovers a connection she's never known about.

Lady of the Tarot (Reign of Tarot, Book 2)
Juli D. Revezzo
Narrator: Christina Marie Morris

PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL/GOTHIC:  Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, Emily Maigny and the remains of her family have fled to England to pick up the pieces of their lives and find a way to carry on. But a host of violent visions plague Emily, along with a suitor she feels obligated to court in exchange for helping her and her family escape France.

Porcelain Doll (A Jana Lane Mystery Book 2)
Joe Cosentino
NarratoR:: Derick Snow

MYSTERY:  Set in 1982 in upstate New York, ex-child star Jana Lane is offered the chance to star in a thriller to be filmed on her estate. Tensions are immediately apparent as the assistant film director oversteps his position and stirs trouble with others on the set. When he suffers an accident, Jana suspects foul play and investigates.

Breaking His Code (Away From Keyboard, Book 1)
Patricia D. Eddy
Narrators: Kale Williams, Lisa Zimmerman

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  “Breaking His Code” steeps the listener in the world of computer coding at the same time it weaves a compelling romance between two vets scarred physically and emotionally from their wartime experiences. Cam Delgado is a programmer who lives and breathes code, yet shies away from emotional attachments. West Sampson is an ex-Seal who doesn’t give up.

Highlander Unbroken: Highland Adventure Book 8
Vonda Sinclair
Narrator: Dave Gillies

HISTORICAL:  Can two broken souls can find love in each other and begin to heal? Neacal MacDonald was tortured beyond imagination. As a result, he has a very grim outlook on life. He is also currently the MacDonald clan chief. Anna Douglas is a traveling minstrel with a beautiful voice and many secrets. She comes to the MacDonald clan castle to sing for her room and board.