Reviews - Audiobooks

The Rocking Horse
Gloria Zachgo,
Narrator: Katie Otten

MYSTERY:  Twenty-two years ago, devastation hit Shady Creek, Kansas when Jenny Preston went missing on the same night her family was brutally murdered. For years, her grandparents have had to learn how to cope such a tragic loss, and Sheriff Will Barclay has had to live with the guilt of never being able to solve the case.

Fire (The Elementals Book 1)
LB Gilbert,
Narrator: Tanya Eby

PARANORMAL:  Diana is a fire elemental. Her life is dedicated to bringing those who do evil in the world to justice. With the ability to track down murderers, she is able to do this job quite well. However, it leaves a sense of disappointment since she usually arrives a little too late. When she is given the task of finding a missing child, she makes it her goal to be on time.

Dark Flowers
Caytlyn Brooke,
Narrator: Molly MacDonald-Foster

YOUNG ADULT:  Teenager Eliza  was orphaned when she was very young. Unable to stay in any of the homes she has been fostered in, she has found refuge at St. Agatha's School for Girls. However, St. Agatha’s is a horrible place to live with its subpar care and abusive conditions. Desperate to escape, she and her friend Millie make their way through the surrounding swamps to their freedom.

Shadows of Africa
Wayne McCain,
Narrator: Dave Cruse

MYSTERY:  A team of special force operators acts as mercenaries out in Tanzania. Their job is to take out a local warlord. When they learn a pride of lions is terrorizing the civilians in the area, they cannot just walk away. As they risk everything to help the innocent, they realize that their mission is so much more complicated than they originally thought.

I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince
Roseanne E. Lortz,
Narrator: James Young

HISTORICAL:  From squire to knight, Sir John Potenhale, loyal servant to the Black Prince, narrates a tale that intertwines with the conflicts between England and France from the 1340s onwards. A mere squire at the Battle of Crecy, Potenhale earns his spurs and enters the command of Prince Edward, eldest son of King Edward III.