Time For A Re-Set?


Has the time come to redefine some of the time-honored but outdated beliefs in the publishing industry?  We all know that over the past decade digital technology has been driving a massive revolution affecting all elements of publishing. The change is so pervasive that quite possibly it may rival the advent of moveable type when first introduced almost a thousand years ago in China (1040 AD).
For openers, who will dispute that the digital revolution has exiled to history that long-familiar great divide: traditional publishing vs. self-publishing? The technology has given rise to a third component: independent publishing.
Yes, we now have three very distinct components in the publishing world: traditional publishers, independent publishers and self-publishing. What’s more, the exponential growth that independent publishing continues to experience is driving a thorough redefinition of the entire publishing world.
This reality is not without detractors, of course. A change of beliefs comes hard for some. They would maintain even now that independent and self-publishing are one and the same. Not so.

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