Size Matters!


All joking aside,
size does matter when it comes to writing and publishing. From the number of words to the font to the book, readers can be fickle. And hence we pull the pants off the myth and give you the full monty concerning size. In order to not overwhelm you, we’ll cut the concept up into more manageable chunks. Over the next three months, we’ll look at word count and the differences in manuscript length. For a lot of readers, this is head scratching.
Once you have a good understanding of length, we’ll examine the fonts in writing. This will bring us through multiple formatting options and what is expected for each genre.
Finally, we’ll discuss actual book size to give everyone a roundabout feel.
Without further ado, let us dive right into the topic of this month’s discussion about size as we concentrate on word length.

Word Play
There are many different names for the varying lengths of manuscripts out there. Some make sense while others have you scratching that preverbal noggin wondering where each came from. Without explaining why they’re named what they are, let’s demystify the length of each so you can categorise your work correctly and not end up with a rejection letter because of mislabelling.
Throw caution to the wind as we break down the length of your work.
Atomic Bomb
Atomic is the smallest real fiction out there. A writer must bring 100 words to play in this short story snippet type of writing. Yes, you heard it right, 100 words and no more. And the story needs to make sense. This is the smallest of small of the flash fiction type and by far the hardest to pull off. Believe me, I’m still experimenting with this bombshell of a story type, but it is fun!

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