Fighting Through It


Writing, like anything, takes a lot of self-confidence and discipline. Today’s world is full of distractions never seen in the lives of our parents, or for the millennials out there, grandparents. The demands of work, family, and life tend to pull us in every direction possible. And when we believe nothing more can tug at our time, something rears its ugly head and bellows for us to look at it. We need time for every little thing in our lives. And as we try to work out some sort of schedule to follow, the activities we truly want to do in order to express our individuality, tend to fall away with no time to dedicate to them. This is the world we live in, and until you break away from the pressure of everyday life, the novel you want to write or the goals you want to achieve will never come to fruition.
So, how to free up time? Sleep is not something you can give up unless your office offers you a room where one can nap an hour or two. The kids still need your attention, and we only have eight hours in the day where you are not at work or dreaming of a simpler time. What can you do?
Part of what stops a writer from writing or a person from pursuing their dreams is the need to give too much of themselves to others.
Yes, we all need to work, but once we step out the doors we have to forget about that presentation, phone call, or anything else a boss may impose. Your job will try to take advantage of you every chance it has, so remember to unplug yourself from it once you leave, lest it will control your very soul.

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