Fantasy: Today's New Fashion


So, what exactly is fantasy? The main ingredient in this wildly popular genre is escapism. Don’t we all sometimes dream of escape from the dreary routine of our everyday lives? Most of us try to take a holiday every year and go somewhere completely different from our normal habitat. We travel to exotic lands, we search out better weather, and we aim for either peaceful rest or exciting adventure.These are all forms of escapism and have become accepted as part of our normal lives, but there are other ways of escaping the hum-drum of everyday work and boredom. The easiest (and cheapest!) is simply through our own imaginations. Just shut your eyes, and imagine a tropical jungle. There are brightly colored birds, singing as they fly high amongst the tree tops. There are twining creepers and luscious flowers, huge branched trees and the scrabble of small animals. One path winds through the forest. The ground is dry, but leaf litter carpets the earth, making it soft and pliant. Tiny wild daisies peep between the pebbles and heaped leaf-fall. You feel your feet scrunch as you walk...

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