Behind The Curtains Of A Disney Life, Part 2


Hollywood has always had a special love reserved for youth, and a special disdain reserved for growing older … especially when it comes to women.  But what does Hollywood know? The truth is age is an asset and women who are older just know more—and that, to me, is a reality that is exciting and interesting and often very sexy and funny.  So, when I was dreaming up the heroine for my Polly Pepper Mysteries, I knew that age had to play a part for the Hollywood star in my books. I wish I could say that Polly Pepper was invented to symbolize my advocacy for gender equality and mobilize a noble fight against ageism, sexism, and Hollywood stupidity. But, the truth is, I write comic mysteries.  I simply chose to write about what I love … and I do love older women.

Curiously, most of the time “women of a certain age” seem to find me interesting and fun.  And, most of the time, I find them equally agreeable.
One of my fave older ladies was the movie star, Ella Raines. She’s not remembered much today, but a few decades before I was born, she was wildly popular. As a gorgeous young actress, she starred in the film noir Phantom Lady, the comedy Hail the Conquering Hero directed by Preston Sturges, and the western Tall in the Saddle with John Wayne...

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