Writing Retreats


There is a magical place in a fantasy world where all you see is sunshine and rainbows. The streams are flowing with crystal clear water you can drink from. It hasn’t been touched by humans so there aren’t any weird glowing chemicals in it or anything. You may find some odd tastes because of the animals bathing upstream...but I digress.

Anyway, the skies are blue, the air is fresh, and only the sounds of nature are surrounding this beauty. This is what all authors picture when they are planning a getaway to a "Writer’s Retreat".
Then reality sets in.
The fun part of writer’s retreats is you are completely immersed in your element. Weird people like yourself who eat, think, drink, and have extreme passion for writing. You know, the crazy people. Your “tribe”, as they say.
Unlike a convention, retreats are usually smaller and you plan them like a mini-vacation to focus all your energy on writing the next "50 Shades of Gray" series…or "Gone With The Wind". Whatever type of writing you prefer. So, you decide where and when and hopefully find a few writers to join you and begin the real fun part - planning the whole shebang.
Speaking from experience, the prospect of getting away from things like the bills to pay and family to support, really helps get your creative juices going. No more screaming kids wanting to be fed, the dogs needing to be walked, picking up clothes trails from everyone, falling into the toilet at night because the darling husband left the seat up…again. You’re thinking about it aren’t you?

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