Vespers: A Never Prayer Story, Episode 9

Aaron Michael

The dark shape of the demon floats there in the apartment’s hallway. Blood flecks the floors and the walls.
 Eladio and Fiona have survived the thirteen minutes since the clock was splattered with blood. Now a new countdown has begun. If I can get Eladio out of the apartment, there is still time to get him to the airport. He could still catch the 7:57 flight to St. Louis, and yet, things seem hopeless.
Kendrick is too heartless to accept any kind of deal.
I consider flying to other apartments, to try and find some kind of help, but there isn’t time.
Eladio tries to stand, but he stumbles back down onto his butt and slams against Fiona’s dresser. Her mirror and her jewelry racks shake. He grips the stab wound on his shoulder. Gore paints his fingers.
Fiona gasps from the bed. She is too afraid to bolt.
Kendrick unbuckles his belt.
All is lost.Then I watch as the impossible happens. I’m indifferent to miracles, most of the time, because the true work of the world is done through sweat. Yet…this…this is different.
From under the demon, the carpet rises and rips free of the nails holding it down. The walls bend forward, shedding plaster, paint, and drywall. Wooden beams are exposed in the walls. The popcorn from the ceiling swirls down in a blizzard. In silence, the hallway is being destroyed in a tornado of energy that whirls around the demon.
 The demon is building a body using the apartment. How can that be? How can the spirit be strong enough to build itself a body?
Not an it. A her.

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