Vespers: A Never Prayer Story, Episode 4

Aaron Michael

I break from the mass of clawing hands, turn, and shiver, though I can’t really shiver. I try and flee through the door, and the wicked energy of the place slams me back.
It’s as bad as the Gedikpasa Orphanage if not worse.
Junky Pete’s filth-swollen duplex is little more than a hallway. At one end is the living room and kitchen, then only two rooms and a bathroom at the far end. The whole place stinks of the toilet. I don’t see the man nor his wife, and the place feels awful. Coming here is a mistake for me and for Eladio. I thought it was a good way to keep Eladio from Fiona’s apartment and get him some extra money to pay for the plane ticket. But no, there is nothing in Junky Pete’s kingdom but death.I try and phase through a wall, and I’m thrown back into the living room where the sofa has been crushed by Junky Pete’s corpulence. The table is littered with drugs and liquor bottles. Some places are evil, and that evil can trap a soul like me.
Like in the Gedikpasa, so much suffering, so many souls, hungering, that any newcomer is sucked down into the middle of the whirlpool of agony.
The souls have been together for so long, I can’t see one body, just a dark ball of shadowy hands, faces, legs, and feet. The collection of spirits rolls through furniture towards me, shrieking, wanting me to save them, to save them all.
I dart into the kitchen. Mold farms sprout on dishes in the sink piled in water the color of oil. Pieces of what might have been bacon are steak-knifed to the wall. When I swoop over the counters, my movement disturbs the flies on the rotting fruit in the bowl sending up a cloud of insects.

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