Is Time Travel Possible?


Since H.G. Wells published his novel “The Time Machine” in 1895, the concept of time travel has been one of the most tantalizing dreams for the future of mankind. Movies like “The Time Traveler's Wife”, books like Diana Gabaldon's “Outlander”, and TV series like “Doctor Who” have dazzled our imagination with the ‘what could be’ of time travel. Until the last decade, time travel was considered little more than fiction by most scientists. Indeed, even Stephen Hawking said it was "once considered scientific heresy", and avoided the topic "fear of being labeled a crank." However, recent discoveries have built on previous theories to the extent that physicists now agree time travel COULD exist. We lack the technology for it to be possible and may never develop it, but there are scientific explanations for how it is theoretically possible. Time: The Fourth Dimension
To understand how time travel could work, it's important to understand the fourth dimension. We see the world in width, height, and length, but time is a dimension that exists outside these three.
According to an article published by Stephen Hawking in the Daily Mail, "While a human may survive for 80 years, the stones at Stonehenge, for instance, have stood around for thousands of years. And the solar system will last for billions of years. Everything has a length in time as well as space. Traveling in time means traveling through this fourth dimension."
So how could this be possible?

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