Taking Inventory


Sitting at your desk wondering where your favorite pen is.

Your eyes pan across your workstation and you realize you have pretty much everything a person could need to survive the zombie apocalypse…except your favorite pen. The expression “everything but the kitchen sink” fits the chaotic mess scattered across what used to be a desk.
But, it’s YOUR mess and you know where everything is. Except your pen.
The mind of an author is a complicated thing. It’s filled with stories, weird thoughts, and a lot of character dialogue that make perfect sense to the writer, but that most sane people would think are either odd or confusing. For example, a flying unicorn with a bag of cookies doesn’t sound weird to me. It’s just how I think.
In these articles, I do ramble and talk a lot about all the aspects of writing. I’ve covered a lot of topics, and poked a gentle finger of fun at almost all of them. But what about needs? I mean, we all have needs.

Since all writers are different, I can only speak from my experience and the perspective of a reader who has been lucky enough to talk to authors about the process of creating a book. This includes the things that help or hinder that creative experience.
We all have some sort of list that we keep locked away in the steel trap we call a brain. Writers don’t want to scare people away (well, scare them if they’re horror writers). We hold conversations with the voices in our heads, and if anyone ever checked our browser history, we might end up in jail or a mental hospital. Or both…

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