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Blood and Magic

For over four centuries, protagonist Gray has been a Dhampir, an immortal being and a mix of a vampire and witch. She longs for her humanity back, and desperately holds onto whatever humanity she has left. Yet, having awoken from a three-year coma caused by her lover (or shall we now say ex-lover) she’s driven to get revenge, no matter what the price is. 

Although slavery has been abolished, Soleil Dufor and her daughter Hope run for their lives from James Williams, their former slave master and a tyrant. Fate shines a light upon them when they run right into Alex Cummings. He has been searching for Soleil since her abduction 6 years before.

Ryder's Bride 

Claire Maddox works for Bride Bay Concierges, which offers such services as taking care of homes on beautiful Promise island. It's a rather quiet and private place, that is until Ryder Griffin arrives.

Saving Anna

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Anna Kelly is a well-known columnist whose heart-felt true stories of kindness remind her readers of the power of the human heart. What no one knows, however, is the private misery that is her abusive marriage.

Relatively Normal

CHICK-LIT:  Catriona Masterton has it all: a successful event planning business in New York City, a loving, if somewhat uptight, fiancé, Ethan, and a terrific future ahead.