Recent Reviews

Josie Riviera,
Narrator: Audra Cook

CONTEMPORARY:  This is a quick listen about an old Victorian home on 5 acres.

Collision Force: Crossing Forces, Book 1
C. A. Szarek,
Narrators: Kylie C. Stewart, Eric Rolon

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  FBI Agent Cole Lucas is trying to stop a human trafficking ring.  He has been undercover in New York for over a year when his cover is blown.  Maldonado, the criminal he is targeting, escapes but ends up in the small town of Antioch, Texas.  Cole is given a partner from the local police department, Detective Andi MacLaren, a widow and mother.

Educating Blaine

Blaine has grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth, not completely tuned into how normal people live, and in just a year she’s going to receive control of her trust fund. However, her grandfather feels she’s unprepared to have responsibility for such large sums of money, so he decides to send her into the land of budgeting and working.

PARANORMAL:  Dominique has finally been able to remove the ‘mark of the hunted’ after nine lifetimes and is starting to learn to give herself fully over to Trent. Over to love. But, after learning that their future child will be marked and hunted, they decide to travel back to their first life with the help of their friend, Fleet.

Single and Looking, Daisy (Secret Lives of Sisters)
Belinda Austin,
Narrator: Stacy Gonzalez

CONTEMPORARY:  Daisy is 39 and single, a situation her five sisters, mother and aunt are all determined to rectify by setting her up on blind dates. Meanwhile, her cat has started talking to her in a British accent, and her car GPS is possessed by demons. Daisy isn’t quite desperate, but surely among one of these dates, she will find her Prince Charming.