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Master of the Moor

Lord Mallon de Wolfe, viscount of Wulverton Hall, is going home.

Jesse Graham is young, beautiful and engaged to the man of her dreams. If only her best friend would agree to be maid of honor, then everything will be perfect. Maggie Keegan, or Sister Angelina as her father likes to call her, is torn between her vows to God and her growing feelings for a man she met while helping her best friend solve a cold-case murder.
FANTASY:  Teodor Bacheva is a faithful servant of the Crimson Sun, dedicated to protecting the northern kingdoms while war and rumors of war are breaking out on their southern borders. He and his giant companion Tyr Og are to protect Princess Nitalia of Castle Frantisek at all costs.

Baxley Powell — landscaper, pet sitter, and psychic consultant extraordinaire, woke up covered in blood.  Her boyfriend, Sam Mayes is next to her; he too is covered in blood, and neither of them remembers how it happened.  Baxley believes her spirit guide Rose may have shanghaied her.

Reeling from yet another verbal assault from her dad, Penny packs her meager belongings and heads to Fox River, North Carolina to live with her half-brother, Elliot.  Dominic MacKenna, the youngest of the MacKenna brothers, always has a smile on his face, ready with a helping hand and a kind word.  When Penny walks into his life, he is drawn to her in a way that he never thought possible but he