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SCI-FI:  In a bleak future, with a broken government where poverty and violence reign, Susannah has a simple plan. Alone on an abandoned farm, she captures an alien with the intent to sell him to the resistance. She can use the reward money to save her son who is being held captive by those who believe him tainted.

After serving four tours in the Middle East, Christian Wolfe returns to Laguna to live a civilian life. Unfortunately, he did not come home unscathed. He has PTSD that he prefers not to acknowledge, as he sees it as a weakness. Not even his best friends know his secret. Kelly Prescott hates working for her father’s law firm. She resigns and her father disowns her.

A young Gavin Knight watches as Bertie Laxton, Earl of Grennet, shoots his father in the face. Bertie is dismayed at having a five-year-old spectator, but tells him he will chop off his and his mother’s heads if he tells anyone what he has seen.  Gavin never tells and in time only remembers that a large green man shot his father.

Fireball and Fiascos

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Harper and Denae meet, the girls know they are meant to be best friends. They even coin a word for the way they feel– flovers. Meaning they are friends who love each other, but they are both really into men. Harper gets involved with Kalil, a tall, dark, handsome man who seems to truly care for her. They spend their free time together and Harper falls for Kalil.

SCI-FI:  Captain Princess Alea Sinclair is “The Prankster” on her ship. This causes animosity between her and Commodore Lord Kiernan Renois. Together they are assigned a mission to travel to the Attican Empire along with Galactic Assembly Representative Princess Elizabeth Sinclair acting as diplomat to renegotiate a treaty between their two factions.