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SCI-FI:  Audra is a mother to a sweet baby named Roxie. When Roxie’s father becomes abusive and threatens to take Roxie away, Audra flees with her daughter. Roxie’s father has many resources to find her, so she goes to the only place where he cannot find her — the underground cities of Kwadra Island.

Sorina Braithwaite is the granddaughter of a ranchero, with a family determined to make her into a fine young lady. Well known for her wild streak, Sorina does not wish to marry. Her grandfather informs her that he agreed for her to be married to Antoine Santoro, a man she despises. She tries to figure a way to escape.

Elle Foster has three rules: don’t date, don't sleep with the boss, and don't believe in happily ever afters. When Elle left Welcome pregnant and broke, the last thing she wanted to do was return years later — still broke, but now with four children. Logan Hughes remembers Elle from their younger years when she was the high schooler with a bad rep.

A Fair Trade

Being raised by his trapper father and uncles has taught Jack Briggs to make do with little more than a knife and flask. Now he searches for a place to call home, and refined beauty Penelope may be the person to help him, as he leads the Findleys to Oregon. Honor-bound by her marriage vows, Penelope initially snubs his advances.

Discovering that she is a dragon shifter, has Maddie Thompson feeling like her world has just turned upside down. She never quite fit into the human world and this new reality feels oddly right. Being told that she needs to choose a mate and will die if she chooses wrong is something else entirely. Fallon Conleth is shocked when he is summoned as a potential mate.