Recent Reviews

Love’s Journey Home
C.A. Simonson,
Narrator: Peter Kendall

YOUNG ADULT/INSPIRATIONAL:  Growing up Frank has had a rough life, with an abusive father and then later abandonment; he has a lot to sort through. He is just starting to figure out how to decipher right from wrong when he meets Anne. “Love’s Journey Home” is a tale of hope and redemption when it seems impossible.

Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoeprints That Matter
Nina Norstrom,
Narrator: Sara L. Morsey

INSPIRATIONAL:  Through a journey of love and loss, author Nina Norstrom goes through her life lessons, showing how to deal with the challenges thrown in our path. Everything has the potential to develop into a toxic relationship, not just our relationships with people. They can be formed with food, emotions, substances, and diseases.

Country Gold

Lexi Wilder and her sisters were country music darlings until a scandal marred their squeaky -clean image.  Ironically, as Lexi’s career falters, her boyfriend Luke Wyatt hits the big time, with a song they wrote together. While Luke is basking in the spotlight, Lexi returns home to run her grandmother’s bed and breakfast, but Lexi isn’t sure how much longer they can keep the place running.

Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency Collection Book 11)
Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore,
Michele Paige Holmes

Three wonderful stories — three wonderful authors! 

Donna Hatch gets the party rolling with “A Wager on Love”, which is centered on Phillip, the brother of a Duke, and Meredith, the daughter of a factory worker.  Phillip believes he and Meredith are meant to be, but his friend disagrees. Their difference of opinion leads to a friendly wager. Can Phillip beat the odds? 

River of Shame

Ashland, Oregon is a paragon of diversity. But, the town has a hidden dark side, one that has finally been exposed. Detective Radhauser is very troubled by the sudden burst of racist and homophobic hate crimes and messages being reported. His personal life is also full of anxiety. His wife has just given birth, but their joy is tempered by the cancer treatments she is about to begin.