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As far as Marigold Bellowes is concerned, marriage is nothing more than business. She refuses to be used for her money and will not be part of a game. When she meets Alexander Croydon, she sees their connection as something more than a mere business transaction. What she doesn't know is that Alex has secrets of his own and he's not willing to let her through the wall he has built.

Chase Beauchamp is investigating a witch who doesn't have any powers and is suspected of committing murders in New Orleans' French Quarter. The problem is when he meets her, his inner wolf wants to claim her as his mate. Not exactly what he wanted considering he doesn't like witches!

Trenton De Russe is a special agent of Henry VIII—no small responsibility. He tackles the king’s most challenging tasks, though not always the most honorable ones. The story opens with Trenton on a mission to bring Benoit De Wilde, a violent scoundrel of a man, to Henry’s court for punishment.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  CJ Evans has started over. She used to be Candace (Candy to her ex-fiancé). Her home-based business of selling essential oils is blossoming (no pun intended!). A near-fling with a new guy named Dylan, while on vacation in Florida, is showing signs of promise. He and a friend want to go into business with her.

Rio is an identical twin—but she has broken ties with her sister, whose problems outnumber her qualities. Rio’s trying hard to climb the ladder in her job as graphic designer at an advertising agency. She is thrilled when, after fighting for the right, she is chosen to present her design in person to the client. Rio is tough, determined . . .