The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove

J.S. Bailey, E.D.E. Bell, Mark Anderson, Matthew Howe, Travis Perry, Dakota Caldwell, Caitlyn Konze, S.R. Betler, Raymond Henri, Avily Jerome, Elise Manion,
Cathrine Bonham, John Turney, Mackenzie Flohr, D.M. Kilgore, Deanna Fugett, Kelsey Keating

Readers beware, there is absolutely nothing romantic about any of these tales. In fact, if one does not like creepy, skin-crawling, keep-you-up-at-night “Tales from the Crypt” style stories, do not read this anthology. However, readers who love thrillers, suspense, mysteries set in the deeply dark side of life, and the Crypt Keeper is your spirit animal, have come to the right place, and will discover an entire town to nosh on. 

Each “chapter” is actually a short story by a different author. Each story revolves around Graves Grove, a middle-of-nowhere Canadian town. The founder makes a deal with...something...and because of that, nothing is normal, though everyone acts as if it is. Each tale focuses on just a tiny portion of weird creepiness that pervades this place. Some of the characters will be met again and again, while others are one hit wonders. The setting and description of it remains solid throughout, a true accomplishment with so many penned words.

The stories might have been better served if they were in chronological order; jumping from time to time makes the collection less cohesive. Some of the stories read more like “first chapters” rather than complete short stories, causing severe double takes when said tales come to a crashing halt, never to be picked back up. This town drives a few of the locals a bit crazy. The townsfolk didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid — they willingly had IV drips and replaceable bags. If stories such as this are up your alley, hang on to your drip pole, you will not soon—if ever—forget these characters or this town.

Julie York