Seconds to Midnight (A Donovan Nash Thriller)


Flying towards the Arctic Circle to record the largest solar event known to man, Donovan Nash and fellow Eco watch members are stunned by a near-collision with a 737. As the plane crashes into a frozen lake, they watch awestruck as a woman makes her way out of the wreckage. As she collapses into Donovan's arms, she pleads with him to keep the fact that she is alive a secret, or “they” will kill everyone involved. With the mysterious woman unable to recall anything other than her first name, it is up to Donovan, his wife Lauren and their friends to uncover her identity and figure out why someone would want her dead. A series of discoveries ultimately leads Donovan and the rest of the crew deep inside a global conspiracy that not only threatens their lives, but those of thousands. 

The seventh book in the acclaimed Donovan Nash series continues to amaze readers with finely wrought characters who are every bit as compelling as the storyline. Part thriller, part action-adventure, "Seconds to Midnight” is full of breathtaking suspense and narrow escapes. This heart-pounding tale is taut with dangerous machinations that will keep one up well into the night! The pacing is fast and furious, barely giving the reader the time to digest what has happened before the story races off in another direction. Although this book is not a romance, and the cinematic action may be over the top for some, readers will want to take flight with the EcoWatch crew again and again!

Chantel Hardge