Poetic Justice


Revenge, as they say, is sweet, and Claire Vetra is ready to enjoy a long overdue and delectable taste of justice. Her plan is to exact revenge on the father and son team behind a secret organization known as the “World Alliance Order”.  This organization had Claire kidnapped, and then held her captive while they performed painful medical tests on her. Using her genius level IQ, and vast computer knowledge, Claire sets her plans to take down the WAO in motion. However, her thirst for revenge uncovers shocking secrets about her own past for which she is not prepared.  Now, one small misstep could jeopardize her well-laid plans, blurring the lines between good and evil. 

“Poetic Justice” is a smart, exciting, fast-paced thriller. Secret societies, medical experiments, double crosses, and mountains of intrigue will keep the reader on the edge of their seats. However, there were a few convenient coincidences, and the reader will need the ability to suspend belief on occasion.  The characterizations and plot depth are also slightly muted in favor of the super-brisk pacing, which might be a fair trade depending on one’s taste.  However, the atmosphere and attention to detail is quite impressive, as is the white-knuckle suspense!  The plot is dark, clever, diabolical, and thought provoking, with a few well-timed and surprising twists to round things out. Readers who enjoy chilling conspiracy theories, medical thrillers, or tense, intriguing novels of suspense, will have found their match with this novel.

Julie Whiteley