Old Bones

Renae Marie

Photographer Simon Greene has lost the nerve to pursue his dreams, thanks to a near-drowning five years ago. His wife Victoria is more than supportive of him, even when he turns to drink and women to cure himself. Now, he decides that the best cure for the deteriorating photographer is to move from New York to a quiet lakeside cabin in Maine. As soon as the couple arrives, however, terrible things happen. A fisherman disappears and although it is felt the “lake has taken him”, Simon is accused. Victoria befriends Jared and is strangely attracted to him and tempted to have an affair, but something holds her back. Then there is Echo Lake itself. When Victoria drags her toes in the water, a sudden force pulls her into the murky depths. A coyote howls, and she is suddenly released from the lake’s icy grip.

Eeriness creeps into every nook and crevice of this unique tale. Many macabre twists in this thriller keep the reader on the edge of their seats and looking over their shoulders. Compelling, three-dimensional characters drive the story — Simon, who verges on insanity, and Victoria, who holds everything together and fights her attraction to the handsome Jared. There is some jerkiness due to awkward sentences, but this doesn't affect the enjoyment of the book. “Old Bones” is a real page-turner; it is impossible to put down. A quick read, it has surprises around every corner, and the reader will follow Simon breathlessly until the very end. 

Belinda Wilson