Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

FBI Agent Travis learns of a prison escapee who looks strikingly like Donovan, a bank robber he killed four years ago in the Cache County Bank robbery. He gets himself assigned to apprehend the escapee because he has a hunch this man, who also calls himself Donovan, is somehow connected to that robbery.

Valentina Caponelli fled Chicago for a new life in Wisconsin to escape the clutches of her Mafia family. She joins her brother and his new wife in the small town of Lake Genoa hoping to find the same happiness as the newlywed couple. Ryan Donovan is a by-the-book cop in the small town. They share a past with some powerful unresolved feelings.

Liar, Liar

FBI agent Liza Bartholomew has returned to Eider, Iowa in search of an elusive scam artist. The local sheriff, Shane Hamilton, has his hands full with a recent crime wave and is annoyed at having to deal with an FBI agent, even one as beautiful as Liza. But, they soon discover their cases could be connected, which puts them in the awkward position of having to work together.

Secret Relations

Finn O’Brien is a recently divorced Los Angeles police detective. As a distraction, he agrees to help his partner’s daughter, Amber, find her new boyfriend who hasn’t checked in to work and isn’t answering his cell phone. Although Finn’s case load is heavy, and a recent raid on a house taken over by a local gang is sucking a lot of his energy, he cannot say no.

Valentin Vermeulen UN fraud investigator is on a new case in Maputo, Mozambique. His current case involves a small organization that looks like it has misappropriated millions. Upon further inspection, it seems like the institution is innocent and is pointing in the direction of a more substantial corporation that has something to hide.