Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Death on the Vine
L. Lee

As a senior in high school, Daisy Murphy helps her mother conceal the murder of her step-father.  That night, her mother skips town and leaves Daisy on her own.

Lillian Beaumont is following her dream as an artist and working in an art gallery, rather than work in the family business. However, odd things start happening. First, her tires get slashed and then someone is purposely trying to sabotage her art shows. Her protective brother enlists the help of his fellow police officer and friend, Rafael Delgado.

Laurel Thorne has been happily married to her husband Boyd for twenty years… until he forgets their wedding anniversary. To make matters worse, Boyd is apparently tied up at dinner with a client, Meredith Baxter, but the pictures sent by an anonymous source to Laurel paint a different story. 

Ex-Security Agency operative Dotan Naor barely sets foot back in Israel when he learns that his friend Willy, a hardened gun dealer, has been murdered in India.  Add to that, a terrorist attack, targeting young Israeli tourists in India, is rocking the Israeli government and press.

Beth and Donovan have had previous life-threatening adventures, which have brought them to the point of finally being a happily married couple planning to expand their family. Beth helplessly watches her husband’s terrible crash when Donovan’s monster truck suddenly loses control at a public event show.