Her Devoted Hero (Black Dawn #2)


Kenna Wright is a nurse at local hospital and personal assistant twice a week to a retired well-known Hollywood actress. She’s a single mom raising a teenage son and her two jobs are the only way to keep him in a decent neighborhood and afford good schools. She has no time for romance.

Dexter Evans is in a pickle this time. His SEAL team made him a profile on a local dating website, but no one had any idea he would get so many hits. He politely replied to them all, explaining his account had been hacked, until he came across one that caught him off guard. The email was hilarious and had an effect on him like no other. He has to find out more, but Kenna is so gun shy he has to play it cool and slow….snail slow.

Ms. O’Leary has penned a wonderful, suspenseful romance with “Her Devoted Hero”. This installment is part of a series, but very much stands alone, and is packed with high drama and steamy romance. Readers should keep this author on their radar! The main characters are well developed and full of personality. Some predictability and a familiar plot does not steal the thunder from the suspense and romance that ensues. Readers may question the foul language Kenna uses around her teenager when so much chivalry and polite courtesies are portrayed throughout the remainder of the book. All in all, a great quick read with humorous banter and a lot of military charm.

Viola Robins