Off the Grid for Love


McKenna McElroy has finally gotten rid of her no-good boyfriend.  Unfortunately, he took all her possessions, her money and her identity with him.  To add insult to injury, she is the victim of a robbery at the bank where she works and must fend off the unwelcome advances of her supervisor.  Undercover FBI agent Jake Manettia encounters McKenna after the bank robbery and cannot resist his deep attraction to her.  Working deep undercover means that he shouldn’t get close to McKenna, but his heart overrules his head — putting them both in danger.  

“Off the Grid for Love” is a thriller with an engrossing story line.  Ms. Koontz does a nice job of weaving separate story lines into a strong narrative.  These seemingly disparate story lines sometimes cause confusion for the reader, however, and require some extra effort to keep track of the action.  However, Ms. Koontz pulls through at the end and combines the story lines together for a satisfying conclusion. With a well-paced story arc, Ms. Koontz effortlessly builds tension and suspense and concludes her story with a surprising twist at the end.  McKenna and Jake are well fleshed-out characters whose relationship progresses believably and naturally.  With great prose and well-written characters, “Off the Grid for Love” is a thriller that will keep the reader engaged from beginning to end. 

Gwenellen Tarbet