The Good, the Bad and the Scandalous (The Heart of a Hero #6)  


HISTORICAL:  After the death of her father, Sarah Shipton returns to work at the family bookshop. She loves to help all those who come to the shop select their books — even customers like Andrew Elliot, Earl of Hartland. When her mother divulges the extent of their financial ruin she is shocked. They will be destitute in virtually no time at all.  Hart offers Sarah the protection of his name, and it is here that the mystery and adventure begin. Sarah has never hurt a fly, but someone wants her dead.  Hart works for the Legion, a secret spy network. Society has no inkling of his dangerous work, and he uses his connections to protect Sarah, and determine who it is that wants her dead. 

"The Good, the Bad and the Scandalous" is the sixth installment in the Heart of a Hero series by author Cora Lee.  Readers will travel across the European countryside as Hart and Sarah unravel the clues to find who is responsible for the contract on her life. Hart sees firsthand how knowledgeable and tough Sarah is. The concept of a woman marrying above her station, or a marriage of convenience, is not unique to historical romance. However, Ms. Lee has created a beautifully developed love story that whisks readers into this world of the “ton” and secret spies, in the era of the Duke of Wellington.  The adventure and romance will keep readers turning the pages!

Laura Dinsdale