Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Mirror Image

CNF:  Due to the content in this book, InD’tale is unable to review this novel as it contains scenes of graphic sexual violence. 

Layne Lancaster/Marc Joseph


Jay Porter knows that Adam and Michael Lombardi are corrupt, he just can’t prove it. At an AA meeting, he is approached by Amy Lupus who asks for his help finding her missing sister, Emily. Jay does a little private investigating on the side even though he’s not licensed and has been warned by the local PD not to investigate the Lombardis.

Best of Luck

Crew Costa has made a name for himself with his popular chain of faux-Irish themed pubs. When he decides to open Number 13 in the Bronx, where many authentic Irish pubs are already established, he makes a lot of enemies. Among them is Siobhan O’Brien, daughter to the founder of The Lion O’Brien. The pub is everything to Siobhan, who is counting on it winning the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl.

Last Rights

It is March of the year 2224 when John Smith wakes up in a hospital with memories of fighting, but when and where, he can’t remember. As John is evaluating what state his body is in, the door bursts open and a woman, Fallon Monroe, along with a small boy, who is a clone, enters his room. John doesn’t know why, but it is suddenly his mission to protect the woman and child at all costs.

The Consultant

Jon Hunter is called home by his brother whom he has not spoken to in fifteen years. If Kevin needs his help, he must be in some deep trouble. Jon makes it home just in time to stumble upon some shady dealings. Gun fire erupts, and suddenly Kevin is in Jon’s arms speaking cryptic phrases and apologizing right before he takes his last breath.