Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

The Consultant

Jon Hunter is called home by his brother whom he has not spoken to in fifteen years. If Kevin needs his help, he must be in some deep trouble. Jon makes it home just in time to stumble upon some shady dealings. Gun fire erupts, and suddenly Kevin is in Jon’s arms speaking cryptic phrases and apologizing right before he takes his last breath.

No Good Deed

All Alexa desires is independence and to be free from a controlling and abusive relationship.  Taking the risk to run from her fiancé, she stumbles into a different kind of nightmare when she witnesses a crime.  The last thing Mike needs or wants is to watch over a stubborn woman, but determined to find the man responsible for his wife’s murder, he takes on the job of protecting Alexa.  The dee

Mirror Image

CNF:  Due to the content in this book, InD’tale is unable to review this novel as the book contains scenes of rape, sodomy and incest.

Layne Lancaster


Kenna Wright is a nurse at local hospital and personal assistant twice a week to a retired well-known Hollywood actress. She’s a single mom raising a teenage son and her two jobs are the only way to keep him in a decent neighborhood and afford good schools. She has no time for romance.

The Emerald Cave
James B.

In “The Emerald Cave”, main character Vince Ramsey – who apparently appears as protagonist in several of the author’s books, although these books can each be read as a standalone – is hunting down a notorious arms dealer. He’s aided in this task by one of his colleagues, Daniel, and his love interest, April.