Finding Forever (Boulder Bodyguards Series Book 2)


Amelia Westlake has been raised and molded by her wealthy parents. Amelia realizes that she doesn’t want any part of this life, nor does she want to marry her fiancé, Charles. After canceling the wedding, she flees back to her home in Colorado, but neither her parents nor Charles' are letting her get away so easily. Her best friend’s bodyguard, Daryl Raintree, helps her to escape, and they wind up on his family’s ranch. Daryl sees Amelia as nothing but a princess needing protection. Soon, however, Daryl sees Amelia come into her own. Neither of them can help the growing attraction between them, but they come from two different worlds. They need to figure out a way to resist these feelings or risk heartbreak.

Once this book is picked up, there is no putting it down! The story flows so beautifully. The author creates amazing depth in the story and characters. Amelia develops so well and it was wonderful to see her grow from a shy, pushover into a strong, assertive woman. Daryl also goes through amazing development. The hardships of his past prevent him from moving forward, but his experiences with Amelia help him to confront his emotions. The chemistry between Amelia and Daryl is beyond smoldering. Author Nika Rhone does an amazing job creating beautiful connections between all the characters. This is a heart-thumping story filled with self-discovery, emotion, tension, suspense and most of all, romance. This book is a page-turner from the first page to the very last!

Amanda Hupe