Dark Rhapsody (A Maggie O’Shea Mystery)


Maggie O’Shea left her music behind after nearly being murdered a year ago, and now it’s time dig deep and find it once again. Unbeknownst to her, the man responsible is determined to get his revenge. However, when hundreds of roses show up in her practice suite, things begin happen and she will be forced to take a look at her past, starting with her mother’s death and her father’s disappearance. When she begins to find her music again with the help of an aging pianist named Gisela, things become more clear. To her amazement, it all started back in 1945 with a beautiful painting titled Dark Rhapsody. Will she survive a madman’s obsession with revenge and the underground art world? Is her father still alive? Will her lover Michael live to keep her safe another day?

Wow! Ms. Mario has an amazing grip on plot twists and turns! “Dark Rhapsody” is the second book in the series and can stand on its own, however, it might behoove one to read the first book beforehand, just to get questions answered that might arise. The mystery aspect of this book is spot on, but the romance between Michael and Maggie seems a bit off. There isn’t much communication between them when they are apart, and if feelings are involved it is a bit odd. Technical terms where the music is discussed might be a tad much but it really does not detract. “Dark Rhapsody” is full of mystery, intrigue, love and loss, and a great way to spend some down time! Music and art…what’s not to love? 

Lynne Bryant