Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Favor of the King

HISTORICAL:  Just seventeen years old, Emma Misseldon’s life is one of strife, struggle, and starvation. Caught stealing from the king’s palace in order to pay for her mother’s healing, she fully expects to be hung for her crime. Instead, she catches the eye of the king.

Gia Callaghan’s father is an assassin for The McCullen Irish Mob. For ten years she has been trapped without any hope of going away and living an enjoyable life. That is, until Cade King walks into the strip club owned by the mob. Cade King is a playboy but also a successful CEO. He is immediately attracted to Gia.

Navy Seaman Sloane Austin follows in her father’s footsteps by joining the Navy, even though it is not her career path of choice. Her father is very protective of her and is a legend in the Navy. She is stationed at Coronado, San Diego. One day she is selected for a secret CIA exercise. She is partnered with a strong, gorgeous Navy Seal named Damon Stone.

Amelia Solis has her business, friends, and wants revenge for the murder of her sister Nelly; these are what she lives for.  She has watched her two "soul sisters” marry, and move on to relationships featuring a closeness previously shared only with each other. She gets an overstuffed bodyguard determined to keep her alive when a threat is made on her life.

Shadow of Doubt

Kate Dexter is on medical leave due to work related injury. She had misjudged and caught a bullet in her collarbone — good timing to go help her sister pack up their parents' farm. When leaving late one evening she hits a man who was standing in the road. There’s a storm brewing and downed trees are now blocking the road.