Close to the Skin (The Skin Quartet Series)


Bella Bell and Vernon Newell are long standing lovers who can’t keep their hands off each other. Bella is in love with Vernon, and Vernon is head over heels for Bella — but she can’t relinquish her heart to the head of a criminal empire, who has a nasty history of getting them in trouble. Vernon is naïve thinking he can protect Bella from his past.  She is wildly independent and has other plans for her life and blossoming career as a tattoo artist. Just when he thinks he is ready to walk away from it all, and she believes she can finally trust him, things go awry yet again. Their lives are at stake, and Vernon’s involvement in the criminal world is threatening everything they both hold dear. They will each be forced to make life-altering decisions, or risk losing each other forever.

This is a fantastically well-rounded, fun, and fast-paced read! The reader will find themselves completely engaged in characters so realistic one cannot help but sit on the edge of one’s seat feverishly turning page after page. Right from the get-go the reader is sympathetic towards both Bella and Vernon’s points of view, which creates an interesting conflict unto itself. Then the underbelly of the crime world presses in, and pulls the reader along with our couple, through life threatening and heart-breaking conflict after conflict. It leaves readers feeling intense emotions of anxiety and turmoil, clamoring to know how this story will end, and clinging to the hope that it will be happily-ever-after!  

MB Rose