Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Her partner has disappeared, and Gray has zero leads and must seek allies in the Hall of Secrets where she discovers a mysterious cult and dark family secrets.  With a new threat to humanity and her kind alike, Gray will have to not only use her dark magic and rely on the person she distrusts the most, she will have to travel from New Orleans to Scotland, Romania and the Underworld to find new

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After tumbling through time, what began so long ago must finally come to the end while the main characters are all here in one place at the same time.  Helle Madsen has some serious misgivings about her new boss, the sinister Sam Woolf, and her personal life has just gotten really weird when Jason Morris walks into her life.

The Boss

Unexplained fires have been plaguing Delaney Hamilton ever since her family died in a fiery car crash years ago.  Hoping to escape both the fires and a stalker, Delaney moves across the country to find a new life in California.  Unfortunately, the fires follow her to her new job at a winery.  Desperate for help, Delaney confides in Finn Conleth, the leader of the hunky hot shots crew that rescu

HISTORICAL:  Zadicayn is a wizard, imprisoned since the Middle Ages — 324 years. Brynn lives in England in 1842. They could not be further apart by time or closer together by fate. Brynn’s cousin, Reuben, dies under suspicious circumstances and she suspects murder. He had been trying to find and free Zadicayn and now leaves Brynn ambiguous clues to complete the quest he died for. 

FANTASY:  Surina Imari is a talented flautist by age nine. When playing for the Sar’s court and his guests, she plays an unfamiliar piece, as though the flute is leading her. Upon finishing, everyone is asleep and her baby sister’s heart has stopped. She runs away to the village of Skanden and lives with the healer, Tolya.