Winter Magic – The Thorne Witches, Book 3

T. M.

Winter Thorne has been secretly in lust and in love with Zane Carlyle for as long as she can remember. Zane has also secretly carried a torch for “Win” since spying on her and her sisters playing in the fields of their family’s estate. After an unsatisfying sexual encounter, a heated argument results in Winnie casting a revengeful memory spell. Years later the two must come together to search for a magical amulet while combating the sinister Zhu Lin, who is intent on locating the amulet and destroying the Thorne family. Revenge, betrayal, and new-found powers hinder their lingering fiery passion for each other. This stormy mix must be conquered to ensure their love and their mission is a success.

Ms. T. M. Cromer manages to suck readers into the story after the first few lines of this humorous, slightly combustible story of a witch and a warlock with major miscommunication issues. Magical and hilarious characters provide doses of witty inner and external dialogues.  Love scenes are sprinkled with just the right amount of heat. The thrilling plot of adventure and danger compels readers to keep turning the pages. Ms. Cromer’s storytelling casts a spell brewed with steamy desire, thrilling drama, and heroic bravery.  Bewitched readers will fall in love with the main characters and their eccentric families and friends.  Readers will most definitely want to know more about the engaging characters, the magical legacy of these two families, and their quest to save a loved one.

Tonya Mathenia