Wicked Darkness (Daughters of Highland Darkness #3)


Leana lives with a lot of guilt, believing she is to  blame for destroying her sisters' lives.  When a way to save her sisters presents itself, she grabs the opportunity with both hands. She disguises herself as a mortal woman, hiding from the world of magic. Then she meets Kendrick, a man who is so tormented by the loss of his wife, he has vowed never to love again. However, the closer Leana and Kendrick get, the more he seems to stir feelings she thought no longer existed inside of her. 

“Wicked Darkness” is the third book in a series, but still the reader can follow the plot quite nicely just by picking up this book – although some nuances appear to be missing that readers will only understand when reading the first two books prior to reading this one. Leana is a strong, capable young woman. She is witty, determined, and doesn’t back down for anyone. She’s complex and challenging, but in a good way, making the reader want to get to know her. Kendrick is a broken man, struggling to come to terms with the past, but he is also hiding a lot of depth and passion behind his (at first) distant personality. The plot is amazing. A mix of faeries, vampires and history, with all of its blends,  can keep readers amazed and entertained from start to finish!

Majanka Verstraete