White Knight

Nicole Flockton,
Abigail Owen

Sasha White is a victim of an ancient curse and has lived centuries with its ramifications. To stop the endless cycle, she has to find the Immorality Stone. By posing as a diamond cutter, she has infiltrated the company of the seven men once protected by her wizard father—Merlin. Now that she has found the stone, all that is left is to steal it. Except that Derek Arthur is the security expert hired by the seven Chevalier brothers to find the jewel thief.  The desire that sparks between Sasha and Derek takes them both by surprise. In addition, Derek is about to learn some facts about his past that he never expected when he took this case. 

This is an imaginative retelling of a mishmash of fairytales: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” meets “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” with  a modern twist. Readers might be offended by the very frequent use of profanity, including a much-overused f-bomb. Aside from the copious profanity, and the vividly described sex scenes, the story is interesting in how the author blends old legends and modern-day believable characters in a twisting and fast-moving plot. The characters are distinctive and the HEA is organic. This is a fascinating fairy tale-type story, with a vivid voice!

Emerson Matthews