Whispers in the Dark (Wolffe Peak #2)


Maddie and Axel were destined to be together, or so Maddie thought — until Axel left and didn't look back. She is in charge of the family ranch after her father's death and has two younger sisters to raise. Axel is an enforcer in his wolf pack. They have managed to survive the times before shifters were accepted, but things are changing in Wolffe Peak. Some want  the pure non-shifter race to take out the shifters once and for all.  Maddie and her sisters are cougar shifters and in need of protection from whoever is attacking her ranch. Axel steps in to do just that, and the call of true mates cannot not be denied.

The mystery is well-placed in the background of the story, but the beginning seems out of place.  Gwen Knight beautifully executes Maddie and Axel's romance, featuring the challenges of the shifter mating call of true mates, and the slow unravelling of the mystery. Maddie, Axel and the supporting characters are intriguing, dynamic and full of life. "Whispers in the Dark" has a similar theme to other shifter romances with two different shifters who are true mates — clan dynamics, and overcoming the fact that they are not the same type of shifter. Ranch life is accurately written with the small town feel of Wolffe Peak that a reader will fall in love with. A great read!

Laura Dinsdale