Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

After awakening from a three-year coma, Gray discovers she has been betrayed by her lover who has since joined a dangerous organization that takes humans and witches and turns them into hybrids against their will. Becoming a Dhampir was not Gray’s choice, and she can’t allow the Consilium to do this to anyone else.

Beth Golden has lived in the small town of Roseville her entire life, while dreaming of adventure like the heroines in her suspense novels. Receiving glimpses into the futures of those around her has always left her waiting for her own to arrive.

Bewitching the Beast

Tess is trapped in a vortex of grief after the death of her fiancé and can’t seem to move on. She goes out with her best friend one night and her eyes land on a mysterious, dark and magnetic man who she can’t stop drooling over. During a brief encounter with The Beast, Tess’s aura is stolen, which opens her up to extremely bad luck at every turn. 

Chasing Destiny
Sydney Ashcroft,
Dani Nichols

HISTORICAL:  Akantha has spent her life defending the world against that which might destroy it. She becomes the Nazi's most wanted when she discovers sensitive information that they may get their hands on a dangerous weapon, the Spear of Destiny. In order to stop them, she will have to get help from the one person she did not want to be involved with again.

Chase Beauchamp is investigating a witch who doesn't have any powers and is suspected of committing murders in New Orleans' French Quarter. The problem is when he meets her, his inner wolf wants to claim her as his mate. Not exactly what he wanted considering he doesn't like witches!